Click any of the links shown below to find information on everything from city and municipal services to schools, recreation and cultural services.

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My Big Yellow School Bus - What School District is my home in and will my children be bused

Thames Valley District School Board

London District Catholic School Board

University of Western Ontario

Fanshawe College



Ontario Provincial Government

Ontario Landlord Tenant Board



Government of Canada


Newspapers, TV and Radio

London Free Press

London District Catholic School Board

St Thomas Times Journal

CTV London Television

MYFM St Thomas Today


Real Estate Links

RECO - Real Estate Council of Ontario

OREA - Ontario Real Estate Association

CREA - Canadian Real Estate Association

Condominium Act Information

Tarion New Home Warranty Program

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


Helpful Links

Yellow Pages

Canada Post

Dictionary and Thesaurus

Canada 411


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